Imagining Yourself at Your Best


To identify a time when you were your “best self” and commit to specific actions to become a better version of you.

What to Know

Do you sometimes have a hard time seeing your good qualities? If so, you are not alone. Fortunately, positive psychology researchers have discovered a way to increase your self- esteem, while also increasing happiness, optimism, and hope. This simple technique involves you imagining your “best self.”

When you imagine things, your brain experiences them as if they are real. So, when you imagine through recall the best version of yourself, your brain begins to build neurological pathways that support you becoming that person.

Imagining yourself at your best may initially feel strange because you might hold self-limiting beliefs. However when you actively create and imagine in detail a time when you were at your best, hope and optimism blossom.

You begin to envision the steps you need to take to become the best version of yourself.

This worksheet will help you identify a time when you were at your best and commit to specific actions to become a better version of you.

What to Do

Recall a time or event when you were at your best. Maybe you overcame a serious challenge, or perhaps you made someone else’s life better.

What made you feel happy and more alive? Were you healthier or more creative? Relaxed or energized? Brainstorm words you would use to describe yourself when you were at your best.

Next, describe this time or event as vividly as possible. Allow the details in your narrative to demonstrate your strengths and values. What happened? What was your part in it? How did you feel?

Highlight or circle the words above that relate to your personal strengths.

What are some strengths you identified? What are some ways you can move toward this better version of you? Be specific.

How can you use your strengths to become your best self?

Are you willing to commit to taking concrete steps to become your best self? Why or why not?

What are steps or actions you can take? Be specific.

What barriers or challenges might you face?

Who or what can help you?

How different will your life be once you have taken steps to become your best self?

Commit to specific steps or actions for the next two weeks that will make you feel you are your best self. Avoid choosing too much all at once! Even if you do one or two things, that is enough.

Let every step you take move you forward.

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