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A few years ago I began to examine the direct link between stress and food. Writing largely from a personal perspective, I began to reexamine my life the day my gall bladder was removed.

I strongly believe the source of my stress was overtaking my physical body. So I began to sustainably recover.

I began to trace my patterns, and realized that my stress was causing me low energy, poor sleep, dependence on caffeine and sugar, and weight gain despite regular exercise while not allowing my workload to suffer because my body was on overload.

First thing I had to do was cut down my stress level. When I began to study the dynamic relationship between stress and food, holistic renewal began to transpire.

My journey of personal renewal served me as an approach to life which we can also aspire to overcome adversity with relentless determination.

I discovered many plant-based recipes and it helped me renew the love of whole foods and began to receive benefits that began to make my body feel good.

I began with a routine and many books to get where I am going and want to be. Renewing your mind will renew your body. And began to make stress work for me.

Many people complain of symptoms of stress, and most consult a doctor or other practitioner about them.

One of the signs of stress is when your energy level is down, and you are having trouble sleeping. Maybe your tolerance is lower and small things irritate you and you may be having trouble making minor decisions. These are typical signs of stress.

What to do? Avoid uncomplimentary stress and understand that anxiety has no benefit in your life.

Environmental stress accounts roughly 10 percent of all uncomplimentary stress. Air pollution and breathing air laced toxins is a significant factor in environmental stress.

Psychological stress accounts for about 20 percent of total uncomplimentary stress.nThis kind of stress is generally self-imposed, and some people are more prone to it than others.

Worrying about the future events you can’t control, is a mild form of psychological stress that eventually will build up and the feeling of unfulfilled, dissatisfied life becomes an inner critic in that mind of ours.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of enjoying livelihood. You can’t be discontent for that many of yours in the day and expect to be healthy in all aspects of your life.

If you’re unhappy with the work you do it’s time to quit and find another job. This can easily lead to stress and later on to health problems.

Nutritional stress is far the greatest source of uncomplimentary stress for the average American, accounting for 70 percent.

You have heard this from your mom I’m sure when you were a kid.

Eat all your veggies and fruits! Mothers are usually right!

Consuming whole foods every day to support cellular regeneration, will rebuild your tissues. A cup of fresh fruit and veggies and adding sprouted nuts, seeds and some types of grains will change your health and life.

And mostly embrace exercise, you need to get up and move!

It breaks down your muscle tissue and it is the best way to stimulate regeneration of your cells.

If you are having trouble achieving your goals, hire a coach, a physical trainer, and a nutritionist. Go to the doctor and get a physical.

It has been proven over and over again that stress affects your psyche and motivation.

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