How to Escape a Toxic Relationship

Unless you have the relationship where you can say anything and everything without fear of judgment or retaliation, chances are you’ve been in a toxic relationship in your life. In a toxic relationship, one person–usually the weaker or more trusting partner–ends up giving far more than they get. In such circumstances, it’s hard to know how to escape from this type of partnership, especially if there are emotional implications. However, no matter how difficult it might seem breaking free is almost always the right thing to do. Here are 10 ways how you can get out of a toxic relationship with your heart intact.

Determining if you’re in a toxic relationship

The first step to getting out of a toxic relationship is to determine whether you’re actually in one. This is important, because not all relationships are toxic, even if they might seem so. To determine this, try to answer the following questions as honestly as you can. – Are you fulfilled in this relationship? – Do you feel you’re in a healthy and equal partnership? – Is your partner putting forth equal effort to make the relationship work? – Do you feel respected, loved, and cared for? – Does your partner make you feel fulfilled and loved in return? – If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then your relationship might be toxic.

Trust your gut

This is the most basic and yet perhaps the most powerful way on how to tell if your relationship is toxic. If your gut is telling you that something just isn’t right, then you should trust it. Whether it’s a nagging feeling of discomfort or anxiety, your gut is there for a reason. It’s your body’s natural way of protecting you from physical, mental, and emotional harm. If you’re in a toxic relationship, you can expect this feeling to increase tenfold. Not only that, but you’ll also likely notice a sudden increase in the number of times your gut is telling you that something is wrong. When this happens, it’s important to listen to it, no matter how hard it might be.

Take a breather

One of the easiest and quickest ways how to tell if your relationship is toxic is simply to take a break from each other. This doesn’t have to be a long-term thing either; just a break-even a weekend away from one another can be enough to truly get your head straight and find your way out of the toxic relationship. Taking a break from your partner can help you get your head straight. It can help you gain clarity on your feelings and figure out what you really want. It can also help you give your partner the space they need to make their own decisions. It will also give you space to figure out whether you want to continue the relationship.

Write down why you’re leaving

Just as writing a letter of intent can help you get clarity on what you want in life, writing the reasons you’re choosing to leave your toxic relationship is another great way how to tell if your relationship is toxic and find your way out of it. Start by writing why you feel this relationship isn’t right for you, and then make a list of what you want from a partner. Once you have this list, leave it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Whether that’s on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or inside your journal, doing so is a powerful way how to tell if your relationship is toxic and get out of it.

Cut off contact with your ex-toxic partner

There are many reasons cutting off contact with your ex-toxic partner is a good idea. It can help you to truly get closure and move on from your past relationship. It can also help you protect yourself from any further emotional damage and harm that your ex might be capable of inflicting. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do this in person. You can do so in as many ways as possible, from blocking your ex on social media to removing all traces of them from your home and work environment. The more ways you can cut them off from your life, the better.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends

While it might tempt you to try to deal with your toxic relationship on your own, it’s almost always a good idea to let your family and friends know what’s going on. Not only because such a thing can actually help you get out of the toxic relationship faster, but because it also can help to offer you a kind of psychological support. Not only that, but it can also give your loved ones the opportunity to help you. They might provide you with a place to stay while you work through the breakup, or even help you find a therapist or other forms of support while you’re working through the healing process. Having the right support network around you while you’re trying to get out of a toxic relationship can make all the difference in the world.


As you can see, there are many ways how to tell if your relationship is toxic and get out of it. The important thing to remember is that you deserve to be in a relationship where you’re appreciated and loved by who you are. If your relationship is toxic, it’s important to end it as quickly as possible. The longer you stay in a toxic relationship, the more difficult it will be to get out of it. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait too long before deciding to end the relationship. It’s better to end a toxic relationship sooner than later.

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