How to Stop Being Manipulated by Other People

When you first meet someone, it’s easy to become enamored by their charm and feel swept up in their presence. After all, they are an exciting person to meet, right? You may not see it at the time, but people don’t manipulate others without a reason. They do so because it is a means of gaining the upper hand. If you’ve ever felt confused or angry after a conversation with someone where you can’t quite figure out why they said what they did, there is probably a good reason for that. People who manipulate others have figured out how to use certain phrases and actions in order to get what they want while leaving you feeling like it was your idea in the first place. The thing is that manipulation doesn’t just happen occasionally; it is something that we all do constantly. However, when we learn how manipulation works and what words or actions could be taken as manipulative, things change. You no longer need to worry about other people manipulating you–because now you know how to stop being manipulated by them instead! Let’s look at how…

Stop Being Manipulated by Knowing Your Worth

One of the most important ways to stop being manipulated is by knowing your worth. By that, we don’t mean that you need to be arrogant and be convinced that you are better than everyone else. Instead, you need to know what you are worth to other people as well as what you deserve. When someone speaks to you, they will have an expectation of what you will do. This is usually based on what they believe you are worth to them. If they believe you are someone who will do anything for them, then they will push you to do even more. If they believe you are important and valuable, however, they will treat you with more respect.

Stop Being Manipulated by Having Boundaries

Another way you can stop being manipulated is by having boundaries. Boundaries are the things that you are not willing to do, say, or compromise. They are there to let others know what you find acceptable and what you do not. When we are young, we are told to ignore our boundaries and to be “nice” all the time. This leads to being manipulated by others because no one knows where they stand or what they are or are not willing to do. Instead, prioritize your boundaries, and make sure that they are known by those around you. You will find that having boundaries actually gives you more power because it makes you stronger and more confident.

Stop Being Manipulated by Having Self-Care Rituals

Finally, you can stop being manipulated by having self-care rituals. Self-care is something that is not often discussed in the context of manipulation, but it is incredibly important. When you are stressed, tired, or unwell, you are far more likely to make decisions that you would not otherwise make. In fact, having even one alcoholic drink can make you 10 times more likely to be manipulated. Having a ritual for self-care can help to reduce stress and give you the energy that you need to make the best decisions possible.


While it can be tempting to become angry at someone who is manipulating you or to think of them as evil, you need to remember that manipulation is not malicious. Instead, it is a way of desperately trying to get what they want. With that in mind, you can instead try to understand why they are attempting to manipulate you and try to help them reach their goal in a different way. Remember that there is nothing wrong with you. You are not weak or stupid for falling for manipulation. Instead, it is something that we are all susceptible to and can be avoided with a few quick changes to how we interact with others. With these tips, you will stop being manipulated by other people and make sure that they meet your needs.

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