Strategies For Finding Courage When Facing Life’s Challenges

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the ability to confront fear and bravely continue onward. Courage is an essential quality that helps us face life’s challenges with strength and determination. Having courage means being willing to stand up for what you believe in, even when it’s scary or difficult. Having courage means stepping outside of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and doing what you know is right. If you find yourself feeling afraid or unable to face a particular challenge in your life, it may be time to explore new ways to find courage again. These strategies will help you find the courage you need when facing challenging circumstances.

Think of others who are dealing with much more serious problems than you are. Take a deep breath, come up with a plan, and prepare for both the best and the worst outcomes. Remember that what you are experiencing is relative in nature.

I’m sure you have heard by now that keeping a journal of gratitude is the way to go! Not until I began this journey myself did I realize how true it is. It has become the thermometer for my life. Days and weeks without a journal entry typically mean I’ve fallen into a simmering well of chaos.

Carving out your moments to write every day brings serenity and peace. It’s my quiet time with God. It’s when I begin to reflect and realize I’m not in a bad place after all. People have it worse!

I strongly believe everyone needs a sacred space that exists to hold us up.

Make A Decision

If you find yourself unable to confront a challenge because you feel afraid, make a decision to act despite that fear. Once you’ve decided to take action, you’ll begin to feel more in control of the situation and less afraid. Your decision to confront a challenge may be based on careful thought, or it may be an intuitive, spontaneous choice. Either way, you’ll feel more empowered once you’ve made the decision to take action despite your fear.

My mother is my hero. Whenever I feel afraid, I take a glimpse of a woman fighting every day for her mind to stay alive! She has Alzheimer’s and for the past four years, she has taught me more than a lifetime. I joke around with her all the time and through the bond of laughter is where I see her come back to me every single time. Her smile and laughter bring life to me and she has no idea of the courageous woman she is.

Look Back On Previous Successes

When you’re feeling afraid and unable to face a challenge, look back at previous times in your life when you felt afraid but still managed to succeed. Seeing that you’ve overcome challenges in the past will help you feel more empowered to do so again now. Remember that each challenge is different, so the way you succeed in one situation may be very different from the way you succeed in another. What’s important is that you remember that you have the strength and ability to succeed in almost any situation.

I can clearly remember the day I called my courageous mother and told her I was going to get a divorce and why? I had three small girls at the time. Her answer was, “Honey if I did with four kids, you can do it as well. You have a house with a pool!” It can’t be that bad!

Talk To Someone You Care About

When you’re feeling afraid and unable to face a challenge, reach out to someone you care about and share your feelings with them. Talking to someone you trust, who is compassionate and non-judgmental, is an excellent way to let go of fear and start moving forward again. When you’re afraid, it can be difficult to find the words to express what you’re feeling. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself, try writing down what you want to say before you talk to someone. This can help you work through your emotions and express yourself clearly. When you talk to someone, you might find yourself feeling less afraid and more empowered to face your challenge. You might also discover that you’re not facing a challenge after all, but an issue that can be resolved with a simple conversation.

Write Down What’s Holding You Back

When you’re feeling afraid and unable to face a challenge, try writing down the reasons why you feel afraid. Looking at your reasons for being afraid and writing them down may help you to begin to overcome your fear. If your fear is related to a past experience, try writing down what happened, how you felt, and how the situation turned out. If the situation is ongoing, try to write down what you’re feeling and what you’re afraid will happen next. Once you’ve written down your reasons for being afraid, try to come up with possible solutions to resolve the issue. Your solution might be as simple as talking to someone, letting go of some unhelpful belief, or doing something to improve your situation.

Be Fully Present

When you’re feeling afraid and unable to face a challenge, try to be fully present in the moment. Being fully present at the moment means being aware of your surroundings and the moment you are in. When you’re afraid, it can be easy to focus on your fears and worries about the future. But being fully present at the moment will help you let go of your fears and worries. You can practice being present in the moment by taking time each day to focus on the present moment. You can do this by going for a walk, meditating, doing yoga, or doing any other activity that helps you focus on the moment.

Take Action — Even If It’s Small

When you’re feeling afraid and unable to face a challenge, take action and do something related to your challenge. Taking action will help you stop worrying about your fear and begin working toward resolving the issue. Your challenge may be something that you can take action on right away, or there may be something that you have to work up to. Taking small steps toward resolving a challenge will help you feel more empowered and make progress toward your goal. As you take action and make progress, you’ll also feel less afraid and more in control of your situation. Taking action may help you understand what your fear is really about. You may discover that your fear is based on a mistaken belief, or you may be able to replace fear with more positive emotion, like determination.

Bottom line

When you’re facing a challenge and feeling afraid, it’s easy to assume that you’ll never find the courage to overcome your fear. But with the help of these strategies, you can find the courage to confront your fears and move forward. With practice, you’ll be able to find courage when you need it most to face life’s challenges. Having the courage to confront your fears will help you make progress toward your goals and make your life more fulfilling and meaningful.

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