What’s Your Greatest Regret?

Have you ever looked back on your life and regretted something you’ve done? Chances are, you’ve probably done it more than once. Regrets are a normal part of our everyday lives. However, if we keep revisiting the same situations and letting our feelings of regret get the best of us, it can take a toll on our psyche. Fortunately, there’s no need to dwell on regrets for the sake of dwelling. In fact, there are many benefits to letting go of those past indiscretions. For starters, dwelling on one’s regrets will only make them seem bleaker and more pervasive in your life. It also makes it more difficult to learn from your mistakes in the future. By instead coming up with a game plan and taking action against your regrets (e.g., by working toward making things right), we can free ourselves from their shackles while simultaneously working toward making ourselves a better person moving forward—and doing so much better than before! Here is how:

Setting SMART goals is key to overcoming regrets

When we dwell on our regrets, they have a tendency to feel more prominent in our lives. This can make us feel more ashamed and embarrassed about them. With the help of a journal, however, you can look back over your life and see that you’ve made lots of mistakes and had many moments of regret but, overall, have done a pretty good job. Rather than simply dwelling on these past mistakes, focus your energy on changing them. By attempting to move in a new direction, you can feel less regret toward your past actions.

Write your goals and motivations for change

Many people who carry around the weight of past regrets often do so because there’s a certain feeling of hopelessness that comes with those regrets. Write your goals for moving forward and how you intend to overcome your regrets. This will help you feel empowered and less overwhelmed by your regrets.

Exercise can help you feel physically and mentally healthier

An important part of overcoming regrets is taking care of your physical and mental health. For example, surround yourself with positive people who have high morals and values. This will help you maintain a healthier outlook on life and feel less stressed when things don’t go your way.

Network with others who have similar goals and find new people you trust

By working with others who have similar goals, you can support each other as you move forward and find new ways to overcome your regrets. This will help you feel more connected to others and more open to positive change.

Don’t let the small stuff get to you. There are much bigger fish to fry.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when moving past your regrets is that there is no room for shame in your life. You are who you are and you have made mistakes. The important thing to remember is that you can make amends and change for the better. There is never a right time to apologize or make amends for your past mistakes. The best thing to do is get started, as today may be the day that you make a new resolution to move past your regrets.


Regrets are a normal part of life, but dwelling on them can lead to negative outcomes. Take steps now to move forward and make new resolutions for a more positive future. By setting goals and finding positive outlets, you can overcome any regrets you have and become a better person. Keep in mind that no matter how much you dwell on your regrets, there is always a silver lining. Dwelling on them does not make them any worse; it just adds to the emotional toll they take on you. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that you are a great person who has made mistakes and has some room for improvement. This can be a great opportunity to become a better person by working to make things right.

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-Nancy Duarte

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